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Useful Documents

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We're moving! Make edits here, but please also place new items in our Google.edu account! Thanks so much!


Blackboard login video: http://youtu.be/L_76H_-WUmE  


For GED Prep SOS classes click here.  **NEW (as of 8/15/13)**


E-Team Meeting Highlights

Computer/software Licensing Info: Full-timers can access on Campus at N:\AdultEd\Computer Info\Sites & Computer Info\Sites and Computer Info.mdb


Process of Maintaining Adult Education Lessons  Maintaining Adult Education Lessons Process.docx


Florida Department of Education Approved Curriculum

2011 Assessment TA Paper (see page 29) 


Program History:


 General Requirements for High School Graduation.pdf General Requirements for High School Graduation.docx  **

IRSC AECP e-Learning 2013.pdf

e-Learning Presentation-2013-about.pdf e-Learning Presentation-2013-about.pptx

e-Learning Strat Plan-2013.pdf e-Learning Strat Plan-2013.pptx


Links in presentation: SurveySummary_04172013.pdf Site Stats Live Virtual LessonsWordPress.pdf IRSC Rollin' on the River with Career Pathways.pdf speedo_chart1.xls speedo_chart2.xls speedo_chart3.xls speedo_chart.xls


Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate Work **Updated Constantly**

UPDATED Adult Ed Online Program Guide.doc UPDATED Adult Ed Online Program Guide.pdf

Roles and responsibilities~2007

Distance Learning Plan-Phase IIA.doc~2006


Student Facilitation/Intake to Lessons Process:


Welcome to Orientation & Ready to LOL Response: See Facilitating below also.

email Responses to Students-Welcome to Orientation & Ready to LOL Checkpoint.pdf

email Responses to Students-Welcome to Orientation & Ready to LOL Checkpoint.docx



UPDATED: Virtual ESOL Intake to Orientation Procedures: Online Procedures for ESL Students.pdf **NEW (as of 8/15/14)** Online Procedures for ESL Students.docx

Online Procedures -Orientation 2013 revised 11 19 13.docx **NEW (as of 11/25/13)**


e-Learning Computer Literacy Checkpoint Process.pdf  e-Learning Computer Literacy Checkpoint Process.docx  **NEW (as of 10/14/15)** 

Card for students to access Computer Literacy Checkpoint (provided to them at testing):

 e-Learning Computer Literacy Card.pdf  e-Learning Computer Literacy Card.doc **NEW (as of 8/15/13)** 

Intake Computer Literacy Checkpoint: Open Me.docx 

Open Me for mobile devices or if you do not have MS Word.pdf  **NEW (as of 10/14/15



Process Part I  Process Part II E-Learning Process.pptx E-Learning Process.pdf   


Re-Registration procedures:

Registration Form 

Deadline to Pay Flyer - Online Students.docx 

Re-registration Information-2006



e-Learning Classes: http://aecp.irsc.edu/online.html#Online Class Info. **

Live Lessons: www.liveVirtualLessons.wordPress.com**

ABE/GED/AHS Fall Main Campus Classes & Virtual Elluminate Lesson schedule-2011 

AHS Fall 2011 Teacher Training - Schedule/grade rules for students/"Who to Contact for What"

ABE/GED Fall 2011 Teacher Training - Schedule for students/Contact Information 

ABE/GED Whole Department Fall Rules - Expectations for the First Day 



Take IRSC's Virtual Camps Online Teacher Training!

E-Instructor Training.doc E-Instructor Training.pdf-Prior to IRSC's Virtual Campus Online Teacher Training

Job Description E-Instructor Job Description.doc E-Instructor Job Description.pdf

Eteam Fast Facts: http://faculty.irsc.edu/faculty/psanchez/eteam/reposit/eteamfaqs/E-team%20FAQs%20Page%20-%20Engage%20output/engage.html


Online Instructor Guide (FATDEC) **

Course Change Request Form (FATDEC) - Policy requesting Aid for courses. **

AHS Test Form - for proctored exam

Course Completion Form (IRSC100)

Revised Procedure when a student is finished in class**

Old: Procedure when a student is finished in class

Newest:time_management_e-teacher_guide.doc  time_management_e-teacher_guide.pdf  

time_management_e-teacher_guide (2) (2).doc time_management_e-teacher_guide Revised.pdf New & Improved! 

Hours Worked: Guide to Manage Time  

Time Sheet

Adding your signature to.wmv

Welcome_to_ITTS[1].pptx  Diana

3 Step Process to have students take a post-test (TABE for example), compliments of Lara Dimartino:

Please students first initial and last name in subject of email.

  1. Email this referral to the student AND CC it to site contact person:

2. Call the student to notify him/her that the referral has been emailed and that it includes a deadline by which to retest. So, they need to either call and schedule it ASAP or go in and test soon (depending on what their site requires-this info is on the referral).


3. The referral reminds the site contact person to email me their TABE scores. If in a few days the teacher does NOT get the scores automatically, email a request for the scores. That's it!



AZTEC software: curricula for new GED Exam  **NEWLY added (as of 12/11/14)**

New GED Exam FATDEC Practice Test 

Elluminate Work **Updated Constantly**

E-Teaching Tutorials - old Adult Ed E-Learning website - If you want these tutorials, please contact Suzanne

www.FATDEC.com  See staff training: (user ID: admin, password: 2006) **

ESL - English Discoveries Tour

Angel Screenshots

ITTS Online Overview Handout 012011.pdf  

ITTS Online Teacher User Guide 

ITTS Online Student User Guide 

ITTS Support 

Skills Tutor Naming Convention -not using as of 2011


Teaching Tools: 

More Updated TA Papers  **NEWly added (as of 7/23/14)**

2011 Assessment TA Paper (see pages 10-15) 

ABE Helpful Documents 

Elluminate Helpful Tools **CONSTANTLY UPDATED***


Sample Welcome Letters:

Welcome to LMS**

Welcome to English 3 


Social Networking to support instruction! 


Sample Announcement Page:



Sample Syllabus:

Health Life Management**


For the student:

ESL Student Agreement: Required Online Student Agreement ESL.pdf Required Online Student Agreement ESL.DOCX

Academic Integrity

E-Student Agreement-9-21-2012.doc  E-Student Agreement-9-21-2012.pdf **

E-Learning Student Guide with Graphics.doc E-Learning Student Guide with Graphics.pdf 


Internet Course Responsibility Internet Course Responsibilities.pdf

Methods of Payment.pdf

E-Student Agreement-1-3-2012.doc E-Student Agreement-1-3-2012.pdf

E-Learning Student Guide.doc  E-Learning Student Guide.pdf

Student Aides

Career Pathways Speaker Series- Spring 2013 **NEW (as of 2/5/13)**


Student Info:

Photo Release Form for Students Under 18

Photo Release Form

AHS Students.doc

Dual Enrollment Info.doc

Form 429 - IRSC Non-degree Application 



Simply to keep all in the loop: **NEWly added (as of 4/22/16)**

Suz is simply facilitating the conversation as I know this is an issue which will need to be addressed ASAP. 

Apparently, additional data must be collected beginning June 1st of this year and submitted to SDB accordingly (as per this presentation from the FLDOE. See page 8 of this overview: http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/9956/urlt/WIOA_DataElements_FCS.pdf). I’m simply sending this along to assure you’re all in the loop of this.


1.      The FLDOE is requiring additional table values to the Data Elements and/or new Data Elements due to be required July 1st of this year for submission to SDB.

a.      For example (from page 25): These are (some of the) new requirements we must collect and report:

New Data Element Requirements ‐WIOA 

·        CAE Level of Schooling Achieved

·        AGE Ex‐Offender

·        AGE Completion Date

·        AGE Employment Barrier

·        AGE Homeless/Runaway

·        AGE Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker

·        CAE Displaced Homemaker

·        CAE Single Parent

·        AGE Withdrawal Reason

·        AGE Course Entry Date

·        AGE Course Exit Date

b.      According to page 49, we will be required to collect this data EVERY term.

Understanding Workday will be propelling us to go digital with student applications and registrations in the fall, before we go re-creating our NC App and/or registration forms, how would you like us to collect this data for submission beginning June 1st of this year?

We understand no more changes are being done in Mariner with the focus on Workday, so we can have them complete this Intake Form<http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/7515/urlt/StudentDataSummaryForm.pdf> developed by the FLDOE, along with the NC Application and registration forms we are currently having them complete to gather all the data, but we've asked ES where we should be storing that additional data to be pulled and reported. Chairs to followup. 


See updated Facilitation forms on http://aecp.irsc.edu/employees.html  


Facilitation Process for ABEGED E-Learning.pdf Facilitation Process for ABEGED Returning Online (1).pdf   Facilitation Process for HS Online.pdf  Photo-Release-Form.pdf Online Student Orientation Resources.docx new revised Orientation.pptx new revised Orientation.pdf Online ABEGED Intake and Regisration Process.docx Facilitation Process for HS Online.docx Facilitation Process for ABEGED Returning Online.docx Internet Course Responsibilities.pdf HS e-learning registration and facilitation procedure.docx E-Student Agreement-9-21-2012.pdf E-Learning Student Guide with graphics.pdf **NEW and improved! (as of 2/6/15)**


OLD:  Facilitation Process for ABEGED E-Learning (3) (2).pdfFacilitation Process for ABEGED Returning Online.pdf

 Facilitation Process for ABEGED E-Learning.docx  

e-Learning Process from Facilitator to Lessons E-Learning Process.pdf-Guided Notes

Minimum requirement for studying ABE-GED online.pdf

Follow respective checklist during initial orientation: www.irscaecp.org/facilitation.php


Revised ABE/GED Facilitation Guide-as-of-11-9-10.docx



Procedures when enrolling students: http://elearningadulted.pbwiki.com/f/Administrative%20Procedure%20to%20Enroll%20Students.doc

Procedures when students leave: http://elearningadulted.pbwiki.com/f/Archiving%20and%20Deleting%20Student%20Records%20Procedure.doc


FATDEC information: Go to: http://www.fatdec.com/login.php

user ID: admin

password: 2006


See Suzanne or a HS e-Teacher for Educator answer keys access.

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